Smartest and Fastest

way to Network.

Create that first stunning and lasting impression with the one ultimate smart business card you will ever need to buy. Simply tap or scan to share your contact info, drive traffic to your websites and social media platforms , display your products and so much more.

Smartest and Fastest

way to Network.

Create that first stunning and lasting impression with the one ultimate smart business card you will ever need to buy.


Instantly share your contact details and files, without contact through our card's single tap feature via NFC technology.

QR Code Share

Alternatively use our advanced QR code technology, scan and retrieve info unlimitedly with any phones camera.

Fully Customizable

Create your own brand. Simply reach out to our design team or choose from our various templates.

About us

At AVIXE we strive to revolutionize the way you network, through continuous research, innovation and development, AVIXE products utilize proximity technologies such as NFC to offer you a professional networking touch that leaves a stunning impression while ensuring a lasting connection.



Simply Tap your AVIXE card to any NFC Supported device to instantly share your contact info and media files wirelessly. Click here to check compatability with your device.


Instantly exchange contacts wirelessly without any added application to create a lasting connection


Scan with a phone's camera or open any QR code scanner to retrieve the information.


Instantly update and share your contact info, product details and media files anywhere , anytime.


Our Packages


  • Instant contacts exchange.
  • Add unlimited links.
  • Create up to 2 different cards.
  • Update your information anywhere and anytime.
  • Share your info digitally across all platforms using a QR  code.

CARD FEE: UGX 35,000


UGX 4,000 billed Monthly

UGX 3,000 billed yearly
  • Save up to UGX 12,000 yearly
  • Instant Contacts exchange.
  • Create up to 5 different cards.
  • Customize your brand fully.
  • Insights and Analytics.
  • Add unlimited links.
  • Update, share and display your products / files.
  • Customize your QR Code.
  • Share your info digitally across all platforms using a customized QR  code

CARD FEE: UGX 55,000


Contact us
  • Same card supports Employee ID’s Feature
  • Designed for 3+ members
  • Everything in the Pro package.
  • Create unlimited cards.
  • Administrative panel through AMS.
  • Create and manage Teams.
  • Create and manage departments.
  • Teams uniform messaging.
  • Update, share and display organization products / files virtually.
  • Teams Insights and Analytics.
  • Scan and Authenticate Teams.
  • Export Teams profiles.

Why choose us

We offer a range of contactless Digital networking tools

Cost Effective

Spend less for more. Minimize those printing and transportation costs with the last business card you will ever need to buy. Update your information on the same card, anywhere and anytime.


Make that first impression count. Instantly share your contact info. and media files through a one tap or one scan. Instantly follow up on those leads and you will never have to lose any other potential client.

Improved Tracking and Analytics

Enjoy instant leads with 100% lasting connection. Get valuable insights and analytics for your business meetings that aid optimize your ROI.

Fully Customizable

Make your brand stand out with our state of the art proximity technologies. Choose from our set of inbuilt templates or simply reach out to our design team at no extra cost.

10 +


Join our growing list of companies that have already chosen AVIXE products to streamline their networking efforts and make a lasting impression on their clients. Spend less and focus more on your company profitable strategies.

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Happy Subscribers

Join our growing list of satisfied customers! Continue to stand out with a professional touch that leaves a lasting impression. Instantly turn those daily meetings into key leads for your business and be sure of that everlasting connection.



Access and update your information from any device, anywhere and anytime.
Instant Leads, Continuous Analytics and Insights for your business.

Our Accessories

Share your info through a variety of our products.

Smart Badges Smart Key Tags QR Code Wrist Bands
In just 4 Steps



Create Account

Create and protect your profile in a few simple clicks.



Reach out to our design team or choose a template.


Review and Preview

Edit and Update your information anywhere, anytime.



Ship your orders right to your door step.


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Did you know?

Research shows that over 7 million trees are cut down each year just to provide paper for printing of the ordinary business cards.

Our Products

AVIXE products contribute to saving of more trees through; Reduced paper usage and Increased durability. Unlike the ordinary paper business cards that require significant amount of paper for printing, you only need to buy one last AVIXE card and reuse it to wirelessly share your contact info. and media files to as many clients as you wish.

Quality Control Assurance

Our products are standardardized for end user protection through following the International Organization for Standardization(ISO) and International Electrotechnical Commission(IEC) standards of ISO/IEC 14443 and ISO/IEC 18092

Clients Reviews

Our Happy Clients Says

'Using AVIXE Cards I have added a professional touch to the way I connect with our clients, plus it has really saved us the cost of printing business cards.'

Akena John Poul
Managing Director

'This smart card keeps me quite connected with my candidates. I get to follow up on the number of appointments I have heard and which effective methods were used. '

Mental Health Counselor

'At Campus workshops and events, AVIXE smart business cards make it easy to network with so many fellow students in a very short time. A Simple tap and go.'


'AVIXE simply made it so easy to professionally network. I love it.'

Pro. Richmond
HOD Research and Design

'I love how the card design reflects my profession with ease and then leaves a mark of my professionalism to my clients.'

Hesneey J
Professional Photographer

'Its not just a smart business card, I have been able to use it to get insights on every event I undertake. Super !!'

Events Decorator

'I love how simple it is to use. Whenever I use it to Network, I always seem to look outstanding.'

Ddumba Enoc M
Professional footballer

'Exciting. I love how my new clients instantly give feedback about my work whenever I connect with them using AVIXE Smart Business Cards.'

Lilian Mutto

Kampala, Uganda


Our Mail

+256 788 734 004
+256 757 520 350

Your Data is Protected

At AVIXE TECH COMPANY, Your Privacy is Our Priority. AVIXE is fully regulated by the Personal Data Protection Office and we are fully committed to your Data security and privacy.