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A smart business card is a physical business card incorporated with some technology, majorly proximity technology to provide additional features and functionality beyond traditional paper-based business cards. The smart card may also utilize Quick Response Code Technology (QR Code) to be able to transmit required information. Smart business cards are a modern alternative to traditional paper business cards and unlike the paper based cards. AVIXE Cards incorporate as well media, such as videos, images, website links and so much more. In addition smart business cards contribute to greener environments by eliminating the need for paper production, transportation and associated pollution that contribute to environmental degradation.
AVIXE business cards can be used to share media, showcase your brand, products/services anywhere and everywhere you go in a more engaging and interactive way. AVIXE systems provide infographic / Analytical reports linked to your card about your products views, downloads, links and a variety of useful data required to make strategic marketing decisions for your business’ growth. Cost effective. Unlike the ordinary paper business cards, you only need to buy one last business card to share your contact details and plenty of more information thereby eliminating the costs incurred to print business cards for every client you meet. Update information in real-time while avoiding the hassle of reprinting business cards because of a change or error on card. Convenient and efficient. Share your information through a single tap or scan feature.
AVIXE cards utilize proximity technologies such as NFC Technology and QR Codes to aid transmission of information from you the card holder to the recipient’s mobile device. Simply hold your card close enough to an NFC-enabled smart phone device of your recipient. A pop up window will be shown on their smart phone. Then the recipient simply taps on that window and is directed to your profile. The recipient then just needs to tap on the save button to retain your contact information. They can as well click on the different links you shared such your social media platforms, websites and as well play media content such as audio and video. Alternatively for devices that are not embedded with the NFC technology, a QR Code containing the information you would like to share is provided on the card. Here the recipient just needs to scan this QR Code and they shall be redirected to your profile.
This package contains our revolutionary events management system. With a collection of state of the art tools that offer a solution to you, an event’s organizer to have a seamless events planning and success. Harness the power of intuitive features, real time data insights, manage attendees, and authenticate bookings and so much more. Start your journey towards transforming your events into extra ordinary experiences with our game-changing platform. Contact us now
No. AVIXE Classic package is completely free and does not require any other extra fee charges for the associated product(s). However AVIXE has other optional packages if you require extra features such as managing Teams, profile customization, info graphic reports, etc. Contact us for further inquiry.
No. This contributes to the reliability of the product as the person you are sharing your information with does not require to be a registered user, your information simply pops up in the browser of their choice.
Nope! There is more to AVIXE cards than just being impressive cards for smarter networking. AVIXE cards can be used as a clock in/out ID cards for your employees, restricted entry access cards and other uses, this gives our users the ability to do more for less the price they would have used. Register here or Contact us to find out more on our products
Most modern phones are equipped with NFC technology and therefore you can be able to share the info on your AVIXE product through a one Tap feature on the recipient’s phone. Check your phone’s compatibility here .However one should always check or lookup the specifications of their particular device model to be sure they can utilize this feature. Devices that do not poses the NFC technology are still able to get the information being shared. All they need is there smart phone’s camera to be able to scan the QR Code on the AVIXE Card. Alternatively any free QR Code application on play store or Apple Store can as well do the job smart, simple and quick.

Device Compatibility

For AVIXE Tap Feature

All iPhones from 2016
All devices from 2014
All Devices from 2017
All devices from 2018
All devices from 2016
All Devices from 2017


The above summary list is not exhaustive and as well doesn’t guarantee that your specific device model supports AVIXE Products One Tap Share feature through Near Field Communication Technology. We advise you to cross check with your device specs. Use your phone’s camera to scan the QR Code on AVIXE TECH products as an alternative to our One Tap Share Feature in order to share your information and media files.


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